Services and cost

Pre-trial stage Trial stage The executive and criminal stage
Center telephone conversations correspondence mailing Center Group Outing Center Property Selling Judicial block Block APC Block executive and criminal proceedings
Telephone calls and sending emails Non-contact detection of borrowers and their property, the realization of collateral, and other property Representation of interests in courts of all levels and jurisdictions, unique methods of alternative dispute resolution professional mediators Lawyers Support enforcement proceedings and prosecution
15% of the actually recovered funds 3000 rubles upon receipt of a court order; 7000 rubles upon receipt of the writ of + 20% of the actually recovered funds 25% of the actually recovered funds; 30000 rubles upon obtaining a conviction.

• all rates are exclusive of VAT

• price of the services described above are approximate and can be adjusted depending on the quality and volume of the loan portfolio to be transferred to the Agency.

• when collecting mortgage arrears for all stages of a unified agency fee rate – 10% of the actually recovered funds or the book value of the property transferred to the creditor balance

The cost of additional services of the Agency:

Verification of data – from 500 to 1000 rubles per one application.

Accompanying the insolvency (bankruptcy) – from 30 000 to 50 000 rubles.