About Us

We welcome you to the website of one of the oldest Russian collection agencies based and involved actual debt repayment in 2005.

Limited Liability Company “collection agency” ACCEPTANCE “(SC” ACCEPTANCE “) was founded in 2005, and debt collection performed from the moment of its foundation. Collection agency “ACCEPTANCE” appeared at the beginning of the collection business in Russia and can rightly be considered one of the founders of the fixed assets and debt collection practices.

The agency works for the classic collection agencies “full cycle” scheme: for pre-trial settlement follows the stage of judicial proceedings, the logical conclusion is that the enforcement proceedings.

Collection agency has experience in debt recovery for all categories of loan products, with the exception of the segment POS-lending: credit cards, consumer, car loans, business loans, mortgage loans.

The agency specializes in the return of the debt on auto loans, being able to search for illegally alienated objects of pledge and the establishment of the new owner, as well as the return of mortgage loans, carrying out, as a result of works, the state registration of unrealized in trading property rights claimant’s property, and the subsequent removal of the debtor and members of his family from registration and their eviction.

Further specialization of our collection agency: support the prosecution of unscrupulous debtors insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy) debtor, verification – checking the information on the client’s potential counterparties, as well as a full range of legal services to the service, including the representation of clients in regulatory authorities.

Collection agency “Acceptance” is based on proprietary software – «ACCEPT-DEBTS», allowing to improve the organization of the process of debt collection and reliable way to protect confidential information.

The agency is included in the register of personal data operators and successfully passed the test of the Moscow TU Roskomnadzor.

Collection agency “Acceptance” is a member of the Association for the development of collection business (ARKB).